Stealth Society

Election Buttons

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  • Logo Button
  • Death Eye Button
  • Enlightened Button
  • 3 Button Set $9.00

Show your support and join the movement that is the Stealth Society.
Put them on your bags put them on your socks, whatever just rock out with these superior quality buttons.

SCENARIO: Say the opposite sex decides to rip all the buttons off your shirt on the dance floor, in a wild sex panther attack. It's OK! Cuz You had one of these trusty buttons on, and now you can quickly use it to MacGyver your shirt shut. Now you went from a creepy exposed chest guy to a respectable one button closure dude, thanks to your Stealth button, saving the evening and quite possibly your political career!

2.5" Metal Pinback Buttons

  • Logo Button 10 in stock

  • Death Eye Button 10 in stock

  • Enlightened Button 10 in stock

  • 3 Button Set 10 in stock